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【Secret Garden Wedding Photography Service at Taipei 101】Top-tier Bridal Package


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Taipei 101 has teamed up with the top-tier bridal brand LinLi Boutique to provide customers with a unique Taipei 101 limited edition bridal photo shoot service.

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Taipei 101 Secret Garden Wedding Photography Service_Top Bridal Package

Taipei 101 has partnered with the top bridal brand LinLi Boutique to create a unique wedding photography project, launching the exclusive "Secret Garden Wedding Photography Package" in Taiwan, providing customers with a unique Taipei 101 limited bridal photography service.


With its exceptional professional experience and elegant aesthetic, LinLi Boutique has created unique and perfect wedding dresses for numerous well-known celebrities. With keen fashion sense and designs synchronized with the latest trends, carefully selected top-quality fabrics and accessories, and precise tailoring based on the bride's figure, they create the most suitable handmade bridal looks.


This year, the 89th-floor Secret Garden Observation Deck of Taipei 101 has launched a new annual curation project, the "Beauty of Orchids" floral art exhibition, inviting the renowned Taiwanese floral artist, Master Ling Zongyong, to create the highest cloud-top floral art exhibition in Taiwan, combining Taiwan's unique orchids and ferns with seasonal flowers, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. This bestows a unique meaning to once-in-a-lifetime bridal photos. Following that, at the highest garden venue in Taiwan, the 101st-floor Secret Garden, immerse in the breathtaking cityscape and leave behind stunningly unique cloud-top bridal photos.

For inquiries or any questions, please feel free to call 02 2775 3555 or add us on LINE (click to add). We will arrange for a dedicated staff to further assist you.

※For reservations at the 101 shooting venue, please make reservations at least 30 days before the shooting.

※Shooting duration is 10 hours, including photography, hair and makeup, outfit changes, travel time, and meal times.

*Shooting venues: Taipei 101-89th-floor Secret Garden/101st-floor Secret Garden, LinLi Boutique 6-meter high French-style photography studio.

※The above are bridal image photos. Actual shooting style and bridal styles will be the primary focus at the shooting location.

【Together Forever 179,999】Top Bridal Package

◎ Shooting Day:
Bride's makeup and hairstyle for 3 sets
Bride's Area A photography gowns for 3 sets (1 white, 2 evening)
Groom's makeup and hairstyle for 1 set
Groom's plain suit for 1 set
Stylist accompanies throughout


◎ Photos:
15-inch album (30 edited electronic files) 1 book
Gift of all JPG electronic files (unretouched)
24-inch enlargement with frame 1 set
200 thank-you cards (two backgrounds)
Includes bridal-side green MV video (approximately 3-5 minutes) 1 piece (exclusive team)


◎ Wedding Day:
Area A white bridal gown for 1 set
Area A evening gown for 1 set


◎Note: Outdoor shooting transportation and other studio rental fees are not included


After completing the order, a "Order Successful Notification" will be sent to your provided email address, which includes a QR code for redeeming the product. Please present your identification and the QR code at the scheduled time to the 5th floor observation deck of Taipei 101 Shopping Center, where our staff will assist you with the redemption process.

1. The system does not provide the function to modify orders. If you wish to change the reservation date or quantity, please cancel the entire order and place a new one.
2. Please arrive at the meeting point on time. If you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, please call in advance to inform us at (02) 8101-8914.

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